16 Ağustos 2013 Cuma

Digital Divide

In our country, the technological gap between the east and west have a big difference. The main reason for this difference in geographical locations. According to the western region of the country as the land of the east, and most importantly European kıt'asına very close to a more appropriate placement. Therefore, the western region of the country has the power of the whole industry. Therefore, employment of the population, however, the intensity of migrations from the north east and brought. Population and industry is concentrated in the center where there is a lack of technology, there is no such possibility. For these reasons, the east and north out of town quite a few in our region due to reduction of population density deposit made. Therefore, the eastern region of the western region, there are differences such as the difference between black and white in almost every respect. To date show that no government in an effort to rectify this situation. During the winter months due to snow in the eastern region are still cut off access to thousands of days in our village electricity is cut off. Even if it can not find a solution how to technological atılmı can they do?

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